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Spectrum Magazine - Interview

I had the honor of being interviewed for a featured article in Spectrum Magazine about The Hideout. I talked about my favorite part of making the film, went in to detail on our casting process, and told how we miraculously came across the critical location of the treehouse.

Q: The subject matter of this film is pretty heavy. What made you decide to broach the issue of sexual abuse?

A: I woke up one day to find out that not only was my grandfather a convicted child molester, but he had abused several of my close friends as well. A whirlwind of emotions sought to consume me, and looking for an outlet, I created The Hideout. It was a way to process the shock. Working closely with victims of abuse and their families, I sought to craft a film that was both unsettling and hopeful, authentic and bold. In every screening of The Hideout so far, a survivor has approached me afterwards with their story; it’s incredible really. This is why I got into film, and I hope to continue to make a difference.

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